Enabling discovery through
connecting data with science

We provide bioinformatics services that bring science and bioinformatics together using best in industry tools. Our work is responsive to particular customer needs, utilises a broad range of skills and resources and is delivered in close working relationships with your experts.

Bioinformatics must enable scientists to get the most out of their data. This involves capturing and curating the data, providing operational capability as well as powering scientific discovery through innovative analyses.

We are experts in supporting research outside of the typical drug discovery sphere of human genome centric research. We have exceptional expertise in non-model organisms and embrace the challenge of complex analysis requirements. We can support you, your people and your organisation with best in class solutions enabling you to get more out of your data more quickly.

“The pace of discovery and technological changes made this an exceptionally demanding period,” he says. “I don’t expect to experience anything like it again in my career.”

Prof Ewan Birney
EBI Director

“We must enable better, faster usage of data in science.”

Liz Reynolds
Founder, General Bioinformatics

“A moonshot for biology, aims to sequence, catalog and characterize the genomes of all of Earth’s eukaryotic biodiversity.”

Earth BioGenome Project

“Maximising our use of ‘big data’ in the life sciences is critical for solving some of society’s most pressing problems.”

Prof Dame Janet Thornton

“Having data that are consistent, reliable, and well linked is one of the biggest challenges facing pharmaceutical R&D.”

McKinsey Consulting

“Drop us an email to find out how we can help you with your bioinformatics."

Liz Reynolds, CEO, General Bioinformatics