Experts in delivering bioinformatics services

Our highly dedicated team have scientific backgrounds in either post-doc research or bioinformatics.

GB is a private company based in Reading, UK. It was founded in 2004 by Dr Liz Reynolds who identified the need for specialists who could deliver expert bioinformatics services within corporate settings.

From its inception, GB has provided custom services that are not tied to specific products but instead focus on the challenges of using bioinformatics effectively in each client’s corporate research world.

GB staff have a scientific background in either post-doc research or bioinformatics. This broad range of expertise makes our service relevant to a wide variety of customer challenges, it is outcome focussed not product centric, and is backed up with strong technological capability. We build long lasting relationships with our clients, meeting a variety of their needs, being with them as their businesses evolve and as bioinformatics changes.

Where we need to supplement on our in-house expertise we reach out to our network of affiliates who bring world recognised domain specific knowledge.

Team biogs:

Liz Reynolds

Liz leads the strategic direction of the company, working alongside clients to ensure that we understand and meet their business needs and scientific requirements. She provides advice to government funding bodies and is a recognised industry expert in the field. From her background in diverse research organisations Liz integrates extensive bioinformatics knowledge with scientific, IT and business insight to maximize the value of bioinformatics data and tools in a corporate research context.

Stephanie Widdison
Delivery Manager

Stephanie runs the customer facing deliveries of GB services including analysis support to science, and application and data deployments to scientists. Stephanie is an expert in NGS approaches for non-model organism genomics and bioinformatics methods to support research into Lead Generation and Mode of Action and Resistance Research. She provides custom support to research organisations including interaction with scientists, recommending data and methods, providing bespoke analyses, and delivering user training. Stephanie has a scientific background in Immunology and Molecular Biology in both human and animal disease.

Ken Baker
IT Manager

Ken runs the IT, Data Management and DevOps activities of GB. Ken has extensive experience in managing data, tools and pipeline automation for genomic analyses, with a focus on customer proprietary data. Originally a research scientist in the fields of Immunology and Protein Engineering, he has over twenty years of experience in providing bioinformatics platforms for large research organisations.

Oliver Huish
Software Engineer

Oliver leads in the design and build of software solutions for scientific and business services. He is an experienced full stack developer and sysadmin with a biochemistry background who enjoys working in specialist company environments and delivering excellence.

Eleanor Poulter
Bioinformatics Developer

Eleanor leads the development of our data deployment services, tailoring designs to meet scientific research challenges. Detailed understanding of the technical complexity of biological data combined with her scientific expertise enables her to design and deliver solutions that address specific science goals. Eleanor has a broad research experience spanning molecular biology, molecular epidemiology, diagnostics and virology. Her career in bioinformatics began with the application of phylogenetics, NGS, and mathematical modelling to molecular data.

Joanna Parmley
Bioinformatics Developer

Joanna leads our data design, standardisation and integration services. This requires deep knowledge of a diverse range of public data sources, their structure and inter-relationships and expertise in integration technologies, particularly RDF. Her client work focuses on the integration and management of proprietary data alongside public data, preparation of bespoke data packages and large-scale data extraction. Joanna has a background in genetics and comparative genomics.

Grace Logan
Bioinformatics Consultant

Grace has a current focus in bioinformatics methods to support research into mode of action, resistance, lead generation, target research and analytical sciences using big omics data-sets, primarily NGS. She provides custom support to research organisations including interaction with scientists, recommending data and methods, providing bespoke analyses and user training. Her research background is in molecular biology, viral evolution & microbiome evolution. Her previous work has included wet-lab experience using Illumina sequencing technologies from sequencing methodology development to data analysis.

Mike Way
Bioinformatics Consultant

Mike provides curation and analysis of integrated biological data to support research, encompassing managing large sequence data sets and the annotation of sequencing data such as genomes. Mike also works with the development team to create user-friendly tools to enable scientists to easily access these data. Before starting his role at GB, Mike worked in scientific research completing a BSc and PhD in Biochemistry and Population Genetics respectively.

Rosanna Joyce
Bioinformatics Consultant

Rosanna provides bioinformatics support to research scientists including gene model annotation and data standardisation. She also supports NGS analyses and target elucidation. Her research background is in molecular biology, NGS analysis pipeline development and computational prediction of bacterial drug targets.

Paul Westlake
Systems Administrator

Paul provides support and administration to users of our own and customer installed systems and infrastructure, and deals with integrating new technologies into the platforms. He manages the continuous update of our data warehouse. Paul has extensive experience across Unix and Linux platforms for large businesses.

Katrina Parker

Katrina handles administration for the company, including the book keeping processes.

Jim Reynolds

Jim has been chairman of the company since its inception in 2005. A senior executive from the IT and Telecoms industry with extensive experience in technology, marketing and operations, he has a track record up to board level in large corporate environments as well as start-up companies in the US and Europe. He is sought after for discussions with senior management in our clients about the direction of bioinformatics in science research.

General Bioinformatics affiliates network

The GB affiliates network is a set of academic and industry experts with whom GB collaborates in order to provide cutting edge skills and expertise and strengthen our service offering.

With this affiliate network, GB can provide clients with comprehensive expertise and knowledge in specific areas with specialists and academic authorities.

GB is always ready to work with new affiliates and permanent staff who share our ambitions to deliver excellence in Bioinformatics services. We are especially happy to hear from people who believe that they have specialist skills that are ready to be deployed into the world of science.

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