Enabling discovery through
connecting data with science

Biological data is now generated in vast quantities, faster than scientists can consume it. The flow rate of new data from public organisations, from private labs, field and patient level trials and NGS pipelines is exceeding most organisations’ ability to deal with it.

Bioinformatics has to deal with managing and using this worldwide distributed data. This involves capturing, warehousing and curating the data, providing operational capability as well as powering scientific discovery through innovative investigations and analyses.

We provide bioinformatics solutions and services that bring data and science together using best in industry tools.

Our work is responsive to particular customer needs, utilises a broad range of skills and resources and is delivered in close working relationships with your experts.

GB is already helping organisations to use bioinformatics data and tools to maximise their competitive advantage.

“The pace of discovery and technological changes made this an exceptionally demanding period,” he says. “I don’t expect to experience anything like it again in my career.”

Prof Ewan Birney
EBI Director

“We need a step change in bioinformatics to enable better, faster usage of data in science.”

Liz Reynolds
Founder, General Bioinformatics

“If the data problem is not addressed, ABI’s SOLiD, 454’s GS FLX, Illumina’s GAII or any of the other deep sequencing platforms will be destined to sit in their air-conditioned rooms like a Stradivarius without a bow.”

Nature Biotechnology

“I am determined to do all I can to support the health and scientific sector to unlock the power of DNA.”

David Cameron
UK Prime Minister

“Integrating the latest advances in data science alongside expertise in plant breeding, agronomy and farming systems will be key to unlocking a step-change improvement in UK crop production.”

Prof Mario Caccamo

“We're reaching the point where every genome that can be sequenced will be sequenced.”

Prof Amos Bairoch
Professor of Bioinformatics, University of Geneva

“The cause of a rare, inherited, often fatal kidney disease in many patients remained elusive for years, despite multiple attempts to solve the mystery. Then in 2012, a team of researchers cracked some of the unsolved cases in just six weeks.”


“Maximising our use of ‘big data’ in the life sciences is critical for solving some of society’s most pressing problems.”

Prof Dame Janet Thornton

“Target validation is one of the greatest challenges in drug discovery.”

Prof Patrik Vallance
President, GSK Pharmacueticals R&D

“In the age of big data, it is critical that we can all make the most of the bioinformatics capacity.”

Niklas Blomberg
ELIXIR Director

“Having data that are consistent, reliable, and well linked is one of the biggest challenges facing pharmaceutical R&D.”

McKinsey Consulting

“We need a step change in bioinformatics to enable better, faster usage of data in science."

Liz Reynolds, Founder, General Bioinformatics