Bespoke relationships
that address the needs of customers

Our work is centred around bioinformatics data and provides the breadth of skills and tools required for:

  • Data Management: Managing and curating data pipelines and warehouses
  • Toolkits: Creating toolkits for scientists to use their data quickly and efficiently
  • Science Support: Direct support to science staff in problem solving using data and tools

Examples of Client Services:

Curated data services:

We assemble public data into a customer-specific integrated Semantic Database according to scientific need, collecting data from diverse public and proprietary, often orphaned, resources.

Bespoke application development:

We have created a novel omics data platform that brings public data and high-throughput omics data together into an accessible framework for scientists, based on the GB data platform and the associated toolkit. The total solution is integrated into the customer’s existing IT environment.

Science support service:

We work alongside research scientists to understand their challenges and deliver bioinformatics solutions to meet their needs. We combine GB data and tools with clients’ own data and their licensed bioinformatics products.

Bioinformatics as an outsourced IT service:

We manage and improve in-house data pipelines for clients as an outsourced service.

Enabling discovery through connecting data with science