Bioinformatics is increasingly dependent
upon complex and diverse technologies

GB has gained experience of many technologies over its history.

Today we see the need for a diverse range of enabling technologies delivering the right capabilities into multiple IT environments. GB has experience of multiple technologies in many customers and can recommend the most appropriate solution for you. We remain independent of technology and product suppliers.

  • Semantic Web RDF data seamlessly integrated with traditional RDBMS to facilitate integration across all company data resources.
  • Galaxy, Cytoscape, R, PathVisio, Python and other tools for mining and manipulating big data networks
  • R-shiny, DS3 and BioJS and GraphViz for visualisation and exploration
  • NGS and high-throughput compute management
  • Data standards: Ontologies and Meta-data Pipeline management tools to give certainty to your “data ownership”


Enabling discovery through connecting data with science